Mod the Gungeon Tutorial: Installing ETGMod


Before reading this, make sure that you've read the Introduction.

Upon downloading the latest version of ETGMod.Installer, run it (with Mono on Linux/Mac or .NET on Windows). You will be presented with an image on the left and a few options on the right.

If you're using the Steam version, the installer should autodetect where Gungeon data is; if not, you can select the executable at the top (Step 1).

To install the base backend, just click Install ETGMod at the bottom. Wait for the process to finish - the log will tell you what's happening and it'll tell you when the process has finished. Once finished, close the installer. You can now install mods.

The second step is used for installing custom backends. You shouldn't need to use it unless an author of a mod instructed you to - in that case, read the tutorial on Installing Backends.

The game should now have Mod the Gungeon along with a version written next to the patch version on the main menu.