Mod the Gungeon Tutorial: Reskinning Elements

1. Launch ETGMod installer

2. Navigate to the "API Mods" tab

3. Click "Base Beta". If you aren't already, opt into the beta of Enter The Gungeon.

4. Install ETGMod.

5. Wait 'till it's done then X it out

6. Launch the game and view the Dog Roll intro.

It should say Dog Roll.

If it doesn't, you messed up. Start all over again.

7. Get the latest copy of 0x0ade's dumps at this link. You can use the folders to edit individual sprites or the spritesheets to edit them all at once.

8. Put the sprite-sheets you have edited (or folders of individual sprites) into:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Enter the Gungeon\Resources\sprites

So, if you made a new Robot spritesheet, you would put Robot.png there.

Restart the game to view your skin.

Handy, eh?

And that concludes our tutorial!